Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thin Lizzy

I have been  a Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott fan since the early eighties, with the release of the great 'Live and Dangerous' album. Which in my opinion is the best live album ever!.

Ever since hearing 'Live and Dangerous' was collected every single, album, video, DVD, badge, patch, magazine article and well anything I could.

Phil Lynott lived part of his life in Kew, and twice when I live in a near by area I managed to see Phil, shouted 'Phil!', waved and that was it.

On Friday, March 11th, 1983 I managed to see Thin Lizzy play live at the Hammersmith Odeon, during the 'Thunder and Lightning Tour'. Before the gig me and a pal stood outside Hammersmith whilst the band did a sound check and where freezing but lapped up hearing the band play.
When we got into the Odeon we stood right at the front of the stage and waited for Lizzy. When they came on it was electric and I stood and screamed out every single song. During the gig Scott Gorham threw me his guitar pic (since lost) and so did Phil (also since lost - yes I know how could I lose it). At the end of the gig each memeber of the band shock my hand and I was in Lizzy heaven.
After the gig was over and in the ear ringing bliss, that is after-gig heavey metal hum, I realized I had almost lost my voice as I was singing that loud but my god it was worth it.

After we lost Phil (which I am not going to go into here as it is too bad to put into words) in 1986 I attended the Phil Lynott Tribute Concert at Brixton Academy, London. I met all the band members, including Brian Robertson, Eric Bell, Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Darren Wharton, John Sykes, and sax player John Earle. It was a great gig and I guess was the start of some members of Thin Lizzy carrying on the name and playing the music, but it was never the same without Phil.

I later travelled to Dublin, Ireland and searched out the old Thin Lizzy areas, know to the fans and eventually went to Sutton to pay my respects at Philips resting place, where I placed a small peom and some flowers.
I was later contacted twice by Philomena Lynott and she wrote to me with some very kind words.

I have also seen Brian play in a Dublin with a local band and have seen Eric Bell in my travels in airports in the UK.

What I am going to do is add some old footage from You Tube of some of the best of Thin Lizzy and I hope you enjoy them....Are You Ready!!!

Thin Lizzy Videos

Phil Lynott - Outlawed

Thin Lizzy were formed in Dublin in 1970 and moved to London in March 1971 to sign to Decca Records. The original line-up of Phil Lynott (bass), Eric Bell (guitar) and Brian Downey (drums) recorded three seminal albums for Decca and broke into the UK singles chart with their take on the traditional Irish song 'Whiskey In the Jar' in January 1973. By 1974 they signed to Vertigo and the rest, as they say, is history. 
Their first 3 albums - Digitally Remastered with extra tracks...

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